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Even if you don’t need corrective lenses, you should still have regular eye exams. Zitta Rezvani, OD, offers comprehensive eye exams to test your visual acuity as well as your eye health at idoc Optical in Washington, D.C. Whether you’ve noticed signs of eye strain, think you may need glasses, or just want to confirm that your eyes are healthy, Dr. Rezvani provides the expert eye care you need in the D.C. area. Call or make an appointment online today. We perform a comprehensive eye exam because we believe eyes are the window to your health. Many systemic diseases can affect the health of the eyes and so you would need a complete thorough eye exam to ensure your eyes are healthy. Often times certain medical conditions are detected by the way of retinal changes. There are also certain eye conditions such as glaucoma that can only be detected by an eye exam because they have no symptoms.

Eye Exam Q & A

How often should I have an eye exam?

Everyone should have their eyes examined at least once every two years. However, if you wear glasses or contact lenses, your prescription is only valid for a year. You should have an annual eye exam to make sure that your prescription still meets your needs.

Some of the signs that you need an eye exam and an updated prescription include:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Squinting
  • Leaning toward your workstation or using the zoom function on your computer
  • Holding magazines, books, and mobile devices close to your face
  • Sensitivity to light

Dr. Rezvani provides customized advice on how often you should have your eyes checked. For example, your vision impairment may change dramatically when you’re younger, and you may need more frequent eye exams.  

What should I expect during my eye exam?

When you check in at idoc Optical, Dr. Rezvani performs a series of tests to evaluate your vision and the health of your eyes. Some of the tests you can expect include:

  • Visual acuity: tests your vision by having you read the smallest line of letters and numbers from an eye chart
  • Ocular motility: tests how well your eyes move and change from focusing on one object to another
  • Slit lamp: exam of the inside of your cornea, iris, retina, and optic nerve
  • Refraction: fine-tuning your eyeglasses prescription
  • Glaucoma: the blue light test that measures the pressure in your eye
  • Dilated Fundus Exam: Optional, unless required by Dr. Rezvani at your visit

Routine eye exams at idoc Optical also help Dr. Rezvani diagnose any health problems early on so you can start treatment before an eye disease progresses and damages your vision.

Why should I have my eyes checked?

Even if you don’t have a vision impairment such as myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness), you should still have your eyes checked regularly. In addition to testing your vision, Dr. Rezvani monitors your eye health and looks for signs of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, ocular retinopathy, or macular degeneration. As with many other health conditions, you may not experience any noticeable symptoms until your vision is irreparably damaged.

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